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Unborn Gita ❤️ 04/30/2023

Posted by Holger:

Sunday, April 30, 2023 3:45 pm (California Time)  

We are a small group of friends;
together we read some paragraphs in
Nisargadatta’s I AM THAT
and then talk about it;
feel warmly welcome.

Please RSVP to Ron@Nondual.Community
and you will receive a free Zoom link ❤️


Namaste to One and All!
Gita has graciously accepted to facilitate this Sunday evening.
In her honor I offer some verses from a book called
The Unborn Gita
a compilation of quotes from Nisargadatta Maharaj
which all contain the word ‘Unborn’ in them.
Ponder and enjoy:

7- ‘I am Unborn’ means ‘actually nothing’
and that is exactly what I am.

30 – Being Unborn, I do not know anything,
which is perfect! Not-knowng is perfection.

49 – Although I am Unborn the moment I appear
to know ‘I am’, duality is there.
When I do not know ‘I am’, I am perfect.

51 – I am always the original Unborn state
before the ‘I-amness’ appeared.

73 – ‘I am Unborn’ is not a teaching but
only a statement of your true being.

79 – As the born apparent I bragged about
my knowledge in ignorance but having realized
‘I am Unborn’ everything is gone – now whom
to argue with?

93 – The sense of presence or ‘I am’
is unreal, an untruth, like a dream.
The Unborn neither knows nor requires it.

147 – The ‘I am’ on having recognized
its falsehood is qualityless,
formless and doesn’t even know itself
and thus is the Unborn.

190 – All these states that appear on
the Unborn are transient including
the ‘I am’ which is the main culprit.

236 – The ‘I am’ appears to be the creator
of this conceptual cycle, focus on it,
eradicate it and realize ‘I am Unborn’.

243 – ‘I am Unborn is a statement of Truth
that sentences the individuality to death.

Nisargadatta Maharaj
The Unborn Gita
– Pradeep Apte


Chapter 31   Do Not Undervalue Attention

Q: What is real, the subjective or the objective?

NM: Both the subjective and the objective are changeful and transient. There is nothing real about them. Find the permanent in the fleeting, the one constant factor in every experience.   124


Q: What is this constant factor?

NM: My giving it various names and pointing it out in many ways will not help you much, unless you have the capacity to see…First purify your vision, learn to see instead of staring…Also you must be eager to see, you need maturity of heart and mind, which comes through earnest application in daily life of whatever little you have understood. There is no such thing as compromise in Yoga…Nothing can block you so effectively as compromise, for it shows lack of earnestness, without which nothing can be done.   124-12


Q: I approve of austerity, but in practice I am all for luxury… To tell me that that I am not honest does not help me, for I just do not know how to make myself honest?

NM: The problem is not yours – it is your mind’s only. Begin by disassociating yourself from your mind. Resolutely remind yourself that you are not the mind and that its problems are not yours.   125


Q: Shall I come to the true nature of the self through mere attention?

NM: Do not undervalue attention. It means interest and also love. To know, to do, to discover, or to create you must give your heart to it – which means attention. All blessings flow from it.   126


Q: You advise to concentrate on the ‘I am’. Is this too a form of attention?

NM: What else?… Of your personal universe you are the center – without knowing the center what else can you know?  126


Q: But how can I know myself?

NM: As you cannot see your face, but only its reflection in a mirror, so you can know only your image reflected in the stainless mirror of pure awareness.   126


Q: How am I to get such a stainless mirror?

NM: Obviously, by removing stains. See the stains and remove them. The ancient teaching is fully valid.   126


Q: The entire world is a stain?

NM: Yes, it is.


Q: How awful! So, the world is of no value?

NM: It is of tremendous value. By going beyond the world you realize yourself.   126


Q: I want to go beyond the world?

NM: You don’t. All your life is connected with it. Your past and future, your desires and fears, all have their roots in the world. Without the world where are you? …find a foothold beyond and all will be clear and easy.   127


Chapter 32   Life is the Supreme Guru

Q: What is the right use of the mind?

NM: Fear and greed cause the misuse of the mind. The right use of mind is in the service of love, of life, of truth, of beauty.   126


Q: Who will provide?

NM: You can spend an eternity looking elsewhere for truth and love, intelligence and goodwill, imploring God and man – all in vain. You must begin in yourself, with yourself – this is the inexorable law…First realize that your world is only a reflection of yourself and stop finding fault with the reflection. Attend to yourself, set yourself right – mentally and emotionally… What kind of world can a man create who is stupid, greedy, heartless?    129


Q: When all are perfect, the world will be perfect. What a useless truism?

NM: I did not say it. I only said: You cannot change the world before changing yourself. I did not say – before changing everybody. It is neither necessary, nor possible to change others. But if you can change yourself you will find that that no other change is needed.   129


Q: How can you be so sure of yourself?

NM: It is not of myself that I am sure. I am sure of you. All you need is to stop searching outside yourself for what can be found only within… You are suffering from acute misapprehension. Clarify your mind, purify your heart, sanctify your life – this is the quickest way to a change of your world.   129


Q: So many saints and mystics lived and died. They did not change my world?

NM: Ours is a world of feelings and ideas, of attractions and repulsions, of scales of values, of motives and incentives; a mental world altogether… Problems created by desires and fears and wrong ideas can be solved only on the level of the mind. You must conquer your own mind and for this you must go beyond it.   129


Q: What does it mean to go beyond the mind?

NM: We are, most of our time, mind and body-conscious, because they constantly call for help. Pain and suffering are only the body and the mind screaming for attention. To go beyond the body you must be healthy: to go beyond the mind, you must have your mind in perfect order. You cannot leave a mess behind and go beyond. The mess will bog you up. ‘Pick up your rubbish’ seems to be the universal law. And a just law too.  130


Please RSVP to Ron@Nondual.Community
and you will receive a free Zoom link for Sunday ❤️

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