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Trembling over “I don’t know”

Posted by Holger:

Holger: Is “trembles over” ok
in the following sentence?

We have to be wise because our conceptual “me” – the person – is afraid of the Light of Awareness; it prefers familiarity at all costs, and likely trembles over an authentic “I don’t know”.


Yes, the phrase “trembles over” can be used in a figurative sense to convey the idea that the conceptual “me” is hesitant, fearful, or unsettled when faced with the prospect of embracing an authentic “I don’t know.” It’s a creative use of language to illustrate the emotional or psychological state of the conceptual self. However, do note that this usage might not be immediately clear to all readers, so the context surrounding the phrase is important to help readers understand the intended meaning.


Holger: I am not a native English speaker,
which has its pros and cons.
The pro is that it gives me an excuse to slow down
and to ask: do I really know what this means?

The above is part of an exploration
of, which is patiently incubating.

Thank you for your feedback and support.
I have the growing sense that
through the help of the internet
we can come together and
“debug/upgrade our old downloads”
Magdi might have said it that way ❤️

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Created: August 14, 2023 
Last modified: August 14, 2023

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