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To crave is to slave

“To crave is to slave”
Nisargadatta Maharaj


Thank you Gita for clarifying
Nisargadatta’s unique use of the word consciousness.

How did you phrase it:
… he used it to refer to the little-i?


Chapter 33, page 139
“Everything Happens By Itself”
From “I AM That (living as this)”

Q: You mean that one who cannot die, cannot live?
M: Put it as you like;
attachment is bondage,
detachment is freedom.
To crave is to slave.

Q: Does it follow that if you are saved, the world is saved?
M: As a whole the world does not need saving.
Man makes mis-takes and creates sorrow;
when it enters the field of awareness,
the consciousness of a gnani, it is set right.
Such is his nature.


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Created: May 28, 2023
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