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the weird thing with unhappiness

Posted by Holger:

And so you feel this unhappiness arising
in you and you say, where does that come from?

Oh, I forgot to accept
my experience of this moment.

And then you accept the unhappiness.

And the weird thing with unhappiness is
when you completely accept the unhappiness,
it cannot survive very long. (chuckles)

It doesn’t like… It cannot actually
coexist with acceptance. (chuckles)

So the weird thing then arises that you say something like

okay, I’m unhappy, that’s okay.
I don’t mind being unhappy.

And then the unhappiness goes, what’s going on?
(audience laughs)

“So whatever it is,
realize that the primary factor in any situation
is your inner state
because that determines how you respond.
So no matter what it is your primary responsibility
is to be aware of what goes on inside you.
And that means whatever arises in your life
is actually to be used in your practice so…”

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Accepting Your Unhappiness to Be Happy | Eckhart Tolle

Created: December 11, 2022 
Last modified: December 11, 2022

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One response to “the weird thing with unhappiness”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    Accepting unhappiness is an unending endeavor. Uprooting the roots of unhappiness via understanding relieves unhappiness from its nourishment. The understanding is about consciousness/reality. Understanding heals the illusion by revealing its eternal true nature.

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