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The Strange Ticking Sound

Reposted from NOVEMBER 4, 2017:

There’s this story about a Russian astronaut, the first man to ever go into space. After launching, he’s totally alone in his huge spaceship, of which only a very tiny cabine is habitable. He’s looking at the curvature of Earth, the first ever to look at his home planet. He’s lost in that moment, thinking about life in the void of outer space. And then, a strange ticking starts. Tick… tick… tick… Every few seconds. It’s coming from one of the panels, one of the dashboards. He takes a screwdriver and opens a panel to see where it is, what is, to try and find the sound to make it stop. But he can’t find it, and cannot stop the sound. Tick… tick… tick… He figures it’ll go over, but a few hours on, the ticking still continues. It’s starting to drive him mad. He’s in space alone, in a tiny capsule, with twenty days left in his mission. The ticking continues. Tick… tick… tick… A few days go by, and he knows that this sound will break him if he doesn’t find a solution quickly. Tick… tick… tick… But then, the astronaut decides that his only hope is to simply… fall in love with the sound. So he closes his eyes, goes into imagination — and opens the sound again. He doesn’t hear the ticking anymore, but he hears beautiful music. And from then on, he’s sailing through space in total bliss, and peace…

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Created: May 26, 2023
Last modified: May 26, 2023
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