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The Great Pain Deception

Posted by Nina:

Thank you Nina!


“You need to become present.
All the preceding advice, thus far,
has been proven to alleviate
and release symptoms of pain and disease.
But the only permanent pathway out of suffering
is by awakening to what is, right now.

Through presence, consciousness expands
by destroying the stream of thinking
that gives rise to the notion of separateness,
and to dangerous thoughts and emotional attachments.

Permanent healing comes through awareness only,
not by “doing things.”

Although “doing something” can yield temporary relief
by shifting attention elsewhere,
lasting healing is synonymous with an awakening
that only presence can provide through the act of
giving attention to the present moment without reacting.

Presence means letting go of the past through forgiveness
(not thinking about it therefore not attached any more),
and by letting go of the false construct of the future
which dissolves stress: stress means “not present.”

Presence extinguishes the desire for fast answers
and overcomes fear through radical Love
as it increases compassion through deepening insight
of the inter-connectedness of all things, being.

Presence means allowing the person
you are currently pretending-to-be to die,
and by default becoming authentic.

Tension means “false,”
relaxation means “real.”
Presence requires ceasing to try to understand everything
and becoming happily comfortable with not knowing,
and seeing that you are already who you need to be
and that you are already healed.

Presence, like healing, is not about achieving
something or getting to a certain level, it is
coming to terms with your life as it is, right now.

Ascended Master Ramana Maharshi stated,
“Do not meditate, be,
do not think that you are, be,
don’t think about being, you are.”

It is not about being good but rather seeing the good
that is already in yourself which immediately and
simultaneously stops the projecting of the hate
in your heart for yourself onto other people
which you cannot observe because you are identified
with your mind (not present).

Presence is an acceptance and complete surrender
as your body falls back into being here,
no longer craving to be there.”


The Great Pain Deception:
Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse
by Steven Ray Ozanich


How the Presence of “I Am”
is the Foundation of Harmony,
Well-Being and Immunity | Amoda Maa

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Created: February 18, 2024 
Last modified: February 18, 2024

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One response to “The Great Pain Deception”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    Nice post and a great invitation to suspend our reliance on the conditioned mind and relax in not-knowing and contemplate formless being as our True Self, our only reality.
    In time, the contemplation of the belief that I am a personal mortal entity existing in time and space, releases this belief and frees the body mind from this limitation, allowing our True Self to shine unimpeded in its full splendor.

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