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The Game Of Consciousness…

Posted by Holger:

“Spirituality is nothing but understanding
the game of consciousness;
try to discover the nature of this illusion
by seeking its source.

There can be no personal consciousness
without pure presence,
but there can be pure presence
without personal consciousness,
as in deep sleep.

Presence is absolute,
while personal consciousness
is relative to its content;
it is always conscious of something.

Personal consciousness is partial and changing,
while presence is total,
immutable, calm, and silent;

it is the common matrix of all experience.
What you are, you already are;
by knowing what you are not,
you become free from it
and remain in your natural state.

This happens quite spontaneously and effortlessly.
This state, whatever it may be,
is prior or rather beyond individual consciousness.
And with the state of wakefulness,
this whole world manifests;
my world manifests because of my existence;
this too is observed by the state
that is prior to individual consciousness.”


Thank you Igor.

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Created: March 31, 2023 
Last modified: March 31, 2023

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