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The Enoughness | Amoda Maa

Posted by Holger:

The video discusses the concept of “enoughness” – the idea that the present moment is always complete and sufficient in itself, without the need for comparison or revisiting. The speaker emphasizes that the “enoughness” is always available in each moment, and the relevant question is whether we can recognize and accept this, rather than constantly seeking more or feeling that we need to keep revisiting it.

The speaker further explains that the present moment, the “now”, is always offering itself to us completely and unconditionally. Life is “lifeing itself” and presenting itself to us in each moment, regardless of our description or understanding of it. The key is to accept this unconditional offering of the present moment, rather than trying to compare it to other moments or hold back until we feel “ready”. The enoughness and fullness of existence is always here, if we can simply be present and accept it.


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Created: June 14, 2024 
Last modified: June 14, 2024

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