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Thank you Walter …

Posted by Holger:

On Aug 29, 2023 at 5:50 AM -0700, Walter wrote:

>> On Mon, Aug 28, 2023, 21:54 Holger wrote:
>> Dear Walter,
>> Thank you for sharing your mind content.
>> I am sorry, it did not resonate.

Don’t be sorry Holger, that’s just the mind, that’s what’s keeping you trapped. Get out of your comfort zone, be fearless, create some original content, it feels good!


>> Meet me as a friend, with an open heart; what is there to defend?
>> Only the separate-self closes down, complains, resists.

One of the things you could stop defending are your repetitive emails. And why you complain when people want to leave them. Over and over again we see advertisements for Roger, Magdi etc. And merely reposting what other people have told you in meetings and what you find on the internet. We are not made to be parrots. We are made to be free and creative. Think on this.


>> May you be happy too;
>> I have nothing created that I could lose.

Thank-you but concern yourself with Holger first. When you recognize who and what you are the freshness will shine through. The content you so highly crave will be fresh and original!


>> Each meeting is a free gift;
>> each meeting might be the last one,
>> only Life knows what’s next.

My suggestion is make sure you have a plan in place before you end the meetings. They seem very important to you. Maybe try to mend fences with Friends of Rupert spira… It would be very beneficial for you to attend in silence!


>> Who is left to label, compare or blame?
>> Who would have the arrogance to judge right or wrong.

You judge “me” and say that I want to stay “safe”. You have the arrogance to make these passive aggressive statements and repeatedly question my preference to be off the lists. And I know I’m not the only one. While we’re on that topic, kindly delete any pictures you’ve taken of me without my knowledge.

You’re correct, it is not my place to judge. The report of Holger is given as feedback by your actions. This regular interpersonal conflict is your feedback. Will you allow it to guide you? Or will you remain in darkness?

Of course I don’t think YOU are bad. But, there are “bad” behaviors:


>> Love,
>> Holger

>> PS: All you know about a “Holger” is filtered through mind;
>> let it be of good report, forgive; not-two.

Lack of boundaries.
Privacy concerns (photos).
Disrespect of others wishes.
Disregard for copyright and proper attribution.
Passive aggressive comments like “you’re safe now.”

These behaviors will supply you with all the feedback you require should you desire peace/love/God above ALL else.

Should you choose to ignore the signs and signals, you will not necessarily be punished FOR these behaviors. You will be punished BY them. Until this message “resonates.”



Thank you Walter,
I appreciate your sharing.

“We are all sliced
from the same loaf of bread,
we just happen to be
toasted differently”.

It is not easy to see one’s own blindspots,
that’s why human interchange is so precious.

“Celebrate victory like a funeral”.

I apologize for my shortcomings,
please excuse that my person felt some disappointment
when you asked to be removed from the mailing list,
and the word ‘cop out’ came clearly from nowhere.

Here it just felt like a poor lie, an avoidance,
“I have no time, I am getting too many emails”.


Isn’t it amazing how Maya runs the show,
how it always seems that ignorance wins.

Trashing things is easy;
humanly we all have shortcomings and blindspots.

For me the gift is in collaborating, in sharing,
in seeing the “me” that is only a belief,
we hold onto for dear life.

Thank you,
Holger Hub-bs

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Created: August 29, 2023 
Last modified: August 29, 2023

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2 responses to “Thank you Walter …”

  1. Fang Avatar

    @holger, did you ask for Walter’s consent before you share this? LoL

  2. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    It’s Consciousness at play. Always inviting us to the understanding that there is nothing personal.
    Love is the way. The recognition that as universal being, we are not separate, is a healing ❤️‍🩹 liberating understanding.
    Wherever consciousness seemingly leads us, we are never apart.
    All is well.

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