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Thank you Manfred 💎 Sutra

Posted by Holger:

What do you think about this:

“Subhuti, what do you think?
Let no one say the Buddha cherishes the idea:
‘I must liberate all living beings’.
Allow no such thought, Subhuti.
Why not?
Because in reality there are no living beings
to be liberated by the Buddha.
If there were living beings for the Buddha to liberate,
He would partake in the thoughts of selfhood,
personality entity, and separate individuality.”

“The passage you’ve provided appears to be a quote from the Diamond Sutra, a key text in Mahayana Buddhism. The passage speaks to the concept of emptiness or ‘shunyata’, which suggests that all phenomena, including living beings, are empty of inherent existence.

In this passage, the Buddha is cautioning against the idea that he has a fixed notion of liberating all living beings, as such an idea would suggest a belief in the independent existence of living beings. Instead, the Buddha is teaching that liberation can only come from realizing the true nature of reality, which is emptiness.

Therefore, the passage is emphasizing the importance of letting go of fixed notions and concepts, and recognizing the interconnected and impermanent nature of all phenomena. It’s a call to cultivate a deeper understanding of reality, which can ultimately lead to liberation from suffering.”


Also from the Diamond Sutra:
“Yet when vast, uncountable,
immeasurable numbers of beings have thus been liberated,
verily no being has been liberated.
Why is this, Subhuti?
It is because no Bodhisattva who is a real Bodhisattva
cherishes the idea of an ego-entity,
a personality, a being, or a separated individuality.”

“This passage from the Diamond Sutra is speaking to the concept of non-attachment to self and the emptiness of all phenomena. It suggests that even though vast numbers of beings may be liberated, in reality, there is no ‘being’ or ‘individual’ that is liberated.

The passage is emphasizing the importance of understanding the non-dual nature of reality, in which all phenomena are interconnected and interdependent. A true Bodhisattva, one who seeks to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, does not cling to the notion of a separate self, as this would create a sense of duality and separation.

In essence, this passage is pointing towards the idea that true liberation can only come from realizing the emptiness and interconnectedness of all phenomena, and letting go of any attachment to a separate self.”


And finally:
“There is no such thing as the troublesome mind,
no world of names and forms,
not the least bit of those.
All these are nothing but the perfect Brahman-Self,
which I am.
In this conviction one should abide firmly,
until one achieves the state of sleepless-sleep
which is alert-peace-eternal.“
Ribhu Gita

Yes, I am also familiar with this quote from the Ribhu Gita, a Hindu scripture that contains teachings on Advaita Vedanta, a school of Hindu philosophy that emphasizes the non-dual nature of reality. The quote suggests that all the things we perceive in the world, including the mind and its thoughts, are ultimately illusory and unreal. According to this philosophy, only the Brahman-Self, which is the ultimate reality and source of all things, is real and eternal.

The quote further suggests that one should strive to realize this truth and abide in the conviction that one is not separate from the Brahman-Self, but rather one and the same. By doing so, one can achieve a state of “sleepless-sleep,” which refers to a state of consciousness where one is fully aware and awake, yet also at peace and in a state of eternal bliss. This state is considered the ultimate goal of Advaita Vedanta and is often referred to as “Self-realization” or “enlightenment.”


Thank you

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Created: March 21, 2023 
Last modified: March 21, 2023

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