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Posted by Holger:

Exploring our shared humanity

“How often have you been still?
Really still and quiet?

Part of our alienation with the world
is our inability to stop and just be.

We don’t need to do anything, have a purpose,
or expect anything from the moment.

So give yourself the space to enjoy moments of stillness
– to lean into them, to be nourished by them.

Let stillness be a teacher and a friend.

It is these moments of silence
that open up a closer connection with others.

We are able to express ourselves,
ask for what we need,
and give what we desire to give
from the centre of our being.”

As Rumi says,
“Listen, silence isn’t empty,
it is full of the answers.”



Thank you Allen!
I look forward seeing you
at the Garden of Friends.

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Filmed in Colesburg, South Africa.
Featuring Antony Osler.


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Created: February 3, 2023 
Last modified: February 3, 2023

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