Suffering is only in the mind. –

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Suffering is only in the mind.

Posted by Holger:


Sunny Sharma:

“Start to observe in your experience
how suffering exists in the mind alone.

Your circumstances may be
pleasant or unpleasant,
but suffering arises
due to the mind’s ideas
about your circumstances.

The amount of suffering you experience
is equal in proportion to
the degree of belief you have
in the ideas that the mind projects.

If your belief in the mind’s projections is strong,
and if you believe in the mind’s judgements
and resistances as “me” and “mine,”
then the potential for suffering is great.

Meanwhile, as you begin to practice meditation
and your belief in the mind’s projections
starts to diminish, your capacity to suffer
also decreases proportionately.


What we need to understand:

The ideas and images which thoughts paint out
are not real or true.
They are simply ideas, labels, judgements.

Thoughts are not “me” or “mine.”

Start to notice how…
1. You do not choose thoughts. They happen.
2. You do not choose the ideas that thoughts project. They happen.

In moments when you find yourself suffering,
see if you can just for a few moments,
let go of all ideas about your situation.

Disengage from all thoughts
about the past and future
and just focus on your presence,
be with your presence.


The result:

You will not only find instant relief,
you will also see that the more
you spend time in this thoughtless presence,
the more the necessary solutions
to your personal situation are inspired
through you and are implemented.

Out of thoughtless presence
arises the strength to endure any problem,
the creativity for an inspired solution,
along with the will to act and solve.


As this develops:

Previously you felt that nonstop thinking
was needed in order to solve problems
and navigate your your personal life.

Now, you discover that
an effortless intelligence
sort of takes care of it all through you.

And even more importantly,
as you spend time in this thoughtless presence,
the belief you had in the mind’s projections
gradually begins to dissipate.

You come to realize
the conceptual nature of thoughts,
and begin to know of a greater reality
prior to the mind.

And now, regardless of what is happening,
you find that there is less and less suffering,
more and more peace and contentment.

This may sound like a fairytale,
but it is quite practical and real.


What is needed in silence:

Silence is the solution to your suffering.
Everything else is only a temporary measure.

In silence you grow,
in silence you come to know everything.
Silence is the highest teaching.
This is fact.

Sunny Sharma

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Created: December 19, 2023 
Last modified: December 19, 2023

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