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Stuck in noble intentions?

Posted by Holger:

“When one practices these methods to seek liberation for a person that does not exist, the continued practices bring that non-existing person along and miss the point.”


“… without the distinction between the illusion of self and the actual Self, meditation and mindfulness can perpetuate a life that remains unstable and subject to fluctuations of emotion, states of mind, and the numerous challenges presented by life.”


“We never notice that the ‘I’ or ‘my’
of identity has been added
to what we are actually experiencing.”


“… rather than trying to change the person, the process of Self-discovery is about letting go of being a person with problems and living as the actual Self that has always been the truth.”


“Whatever changes, or whatever arises and passes away, is by definition not the ever-present Ground of Awareness, which does not come and go.”


I was stuck in my assumed head, for decades;
meeting friends dedicated
to love and truth is priceless:

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Created: April 19, 2023 
Last modified: April 19, 2023

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2 responses to “Stuck in noble intentions?”

  1. Ron Avatar

    All I want is to be happy. Let others take care of themselves?

    Sir, you are not separate. The happiness you cannot share is spurious. Only the shareable is truly desirable. NM 131

  2. Janet Avatar

    This is terrific! Letting go is peaceful liberation always. When living as an unconscious body mind letting go was so risky to meet the unknown however suffering continued and only came to an end when it became clear noble intentions had to go also then peace became reality.🤗

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