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Stillness & Silence

Posted by Holger:

What is the difference between stillness and silence, in the context of nonduality?

In the context of nonduality, stillness and silence can be seen as two complementary aspects of the same underlying reality. Stillness refers to the absence of movement or activity, while silence refers to the absence of sound or noise.

In nondual teachings, these qualities are often used as metaphors for the essential nature of consciousness or awareness itself, which is said to be still and silent, yet vibrant and alive. This awareness is not affected by the changing phenomena that arise within it, and remains unchanging and unbounded by time or space.

From this perspective, stillness and silence can be seen as two aspects of the same fundamental reality, which is beyond duality and encompasses all apparent opposites. They both point to the same truth of nondual awareness, which is the essence of our being and the source of all experience.

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Created: April 11, 2023 
Last modified: April 11, 2023

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One response to “Stillness & Silence”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    Dear Holger,
    Concerning the usage of the terms stillness and silence in non-duality, the following should be noticed:
    In non-duality, we speak of stillness and silence in absolute terms. In other words, non-duality refers to the stillness and silence which have no opposite.
    From the perspective of mind, this is difficult to comprehend since we usually refer to stillness and silence in the relative sense.
    There is such a thing as the stillness of the body and such a thing as the silence of the body (no talking) and the silence of the mind (no thinking).
    But that is not what the non-dual understanding is referring to.
    There is an underlying silence which lies beyond the silence of the body or the silence of the mind and which does not depend on the silence of the body nor the silence of the mind.
    This silence is the underlying reality of the world body mind, the uninterrupted universal silence out of which, to which and in which all creation manifests.
    The non-dual teaching is about the revelation of this absolute silence.

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