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Stella: How can I live?

Posted by Holger:

“People ask how I can live if nothing has any meaning and I’m no one. It’s very simple. We are being lived. We’re not doing it. Are you breathing yourself? That’s the end of the story. Did you just put your hand on your face? Did you plan it? Without a story, we move quite well. Effortlessly. In perfect health. Fluidly, freely, with a lot of love. And without war, without resistance. This possibility can be very frightening for people who think that they have control. So investigate, and see how life goes on, so much more joyfully. Even in its apparent collapsing, I see only joy.”

— Byron Katie


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“The spiritual path is not a solo endeavor.
In fact, the very notion of a self
who is trying to free her/himself is a delusion.
We are in it together and the company of spiritual friends
helps us realize our interconnectedness.”

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Created: March 12, 2023 
Last modified: March 12, 2023

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One response to “Stella: How can I live?”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    Concerning’I am no one’

    There is a misunderstanding concerning ‘I am no one’.
    I am no one does not mean there is no one. It means that there is no separate one.
    Obviously there is someone perceiving right now. This one which is perceiving is not a limited personal self. It is awareness/consciousness.
    There is no evidence that this awareness/consciousness is personal and limited.

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