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Stella: Connecting the dots

Posted by Holger:


Holger, or anyone who can respond to my question below:

Everything Roger is saying of course is true,
[but] he’s not giving us the steps
the “how” to do
what he’s talking about.

So if truth is (one) no matter who’s talking about it,
how is Roger’s talk related to
Nisargadatta’s sentence below…????

“The right use of mind.“

How can we connect the dots….
Think about it, and how is it true in your life.
“The right use of mind”.



Nothing Roger is saying is the Truth (-;
words are only pointers.

The steps of the ‘how’ are known by Life itself.

There is no ‘personal doer’ to do the waking up.
Roger says that he is giving descriptions, but no prescriptions.

What to do?
Just deeply relax and allow the words/peace to do their thing.
Don’t degrade the words into mere beliefs,
but let them guide you
into the most precious human discovery,
the simple effortless Presence I am.

“Truth is simple, the seeker is complex.”

I like the analogy of a caterpillar accepting/allowing
its disappearance in order to be naturally transformed
into a butterfly.

Together with loving friends it is easy.
But you cannot discuss this with Mr./Mrs. Mind.

Mind/person is programmed to survive,
it is not interested to be debunked.

It all hinges on “I”…
either hell or heaven
depending on your discernment
between “me” and “I am”.

Thinking is a powerful tool
in the world of ideas/objects,
but it cannot process stillness
and therefore misses the mark:
the peace that passeth understanding.

Blah, blah (-;
Isn’t it amazing how we can spend decades
being busy with thoughts and feelings and
simply overlook our Self as the “space”
in which all objects arise and subside.

not a thing,
not a thin-king.

I enjoy how Magdi clarifies it:
Conceptually I am a person, bound to space/time,
Experientially I am the open loving space of Awareness.

When thoughts and feelings
are being experienced
they are already from the past.

For decades I was trapped in
the sense of “me” I identified as,
based on thoughts and feelings.

So cool that I don’t need to define myself;
there is no doubt that I am,
but what I am… mind cannot re-present.

How to connect the dots:
– What do you really want?
– What do you know beyond doubt?

Thank you (-;
I am still learning how to use words.



PS: “The right use of mind”.
Rupert shares this pointer:
On whose behalf does this thought or feeling arise?
– On behalf of Consciousness (Love) or
– the separate-self (lack)?

Roger encourages to have no hesitation or shame in stopping a me-thought, even mid-sentence, as soon as detected.

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Created: May 21, 2023 
Last modified: May 21, 2023

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