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Snippets 06

Posted by Holger:

The ultimate knower knows itself by itself.
It needs no agent to be known.
Awareness is not a perception.
It is an apperception.


The chief obstacle to the fulfillment of our potential is the concept of a me.
It is nothing but a figment of the imagination
created by memory and by the social context we find ourselves in.


… directionless alertness…


Your heart is a beautiful gift.


Taking oneself to be a person is a habit just like any other.


When we become enslaved to anything, we miss out on a life of surrender and peace. A life where we experience the truth that God is enough. A life where God is the Good Shepherd who gives us everything we need. A life where we lack nothing.

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Created: February 23, 2023 
Last modified: February 23, 2023

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