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Silence is Ancient

Posted by Holger:


ChatGPT: “Silence is an ancient force that is always present and easy to tap into. It is not bound by time like everything else in our lives, such as people, work, and thoughts. By sitting in silence for just five minutes, we can connect with this eternal force and let go of self-judgment and judgment of others. This allows us to tap into the ancient being that is always present, without trying to meditate or worship.

By taking time to sit in silence, we can disconnect from our daily roles and stories, such as being a friend, mother, daughter, or colleague. This can be a refreshing break from the constant stimulation of technology and media. Instead of watching 20 videos on YouTube or a series on Netflix, we can set aside time for the absence of ourselves and our stories. This allows us to connect with the ancient force of silence that is always present and available to us.”


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Created: June 11, 2023 
Last modified: June 11, 2023

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