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Shedding of ego?

Posted by Holger:

Question: Does the shedding of the ego always have to feel like dying?

MM: In order to attain realization, a dying of the old self, the ego, is necessary. But why mourn about it? What has the ego given you that you should love it like that? The divine Self will give you all things and bliss as well. Don’t look at it as if anything is being given up. See it as a growth, as a constant becoming stronger, more loving and more perfect. Then what you wanted yesterday you will no longer want today, and what you strive for today you will recognize as no longer useful tomorrow. Discipline and control are needed, not for the sake of “dying”, but in the name of love and true life. Sometimes a tree needs pruning to straighten and grow.

-Mother Meera-Answers I


Thank you Stella (you could add yourself to the map).

…isn’t it amazing, we assume and grow this imaginary “me” in our head (and nervous system) and then this “me” seems to be busy shedding itself?
What to “do” with this me-ghost, how to debunk the sufferer?

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Created: June 10, 2023 
Last modified: June 10, 2023

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2 responses to “Shedding of ego?”

  1. Janet Avatar

    There is a relaxing from illusion as no thing (ego) can do nothing. True Devine Self shines from this relaxation or Stillness.

    1. admin Avatar

      No-thing does everything (-;

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