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Sentient, non-sentient?

Thank you Sina for sharing your conversation with ChatGPT:

What makes one being sentient and another not sentient?

“Sentience is the ability to have subjective experiences, including the ability to perceive, think, i and feel. Whether a being is sentient or not is a complex question and there is ongoing debate among scientists and philosophers about what constitutes sentience and how it can be identified.
Generally, sentience is thought to be associated with the presence of a nervous system and a brain that is capable of processing complex information, but there is no clear consensus on the specific characteristics that define sentience.
It is generally accepted that animals, including mammals, birds, and some reptiles and fish, are sentient. However, the question of sentience in other forms of life, such as insects, invertebrates, and plants, is less clear and is still the subject of ongoing research.
Machine learning models like me, do not have the ability to perceive, think, or feel, so the concept of sentience is not applicable to me.
It is important to note that the question of sentience is a highly debated topic in philosophy, cognitive science and neuroscience, and it is still an ongoing area of research.”

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Posted by: Holger
Created: January 17, 2023
Last modified: January 17, 2023
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