Satsang with Roger July 15th, 2023 –

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Satsang with Roger July 15th, 2023

Posted by Holger:

Saturday, July 15, 2023 6:00 am (California Time)  


ChatGPT (summarizing the summary of the 2 hour Satsang): “Buddhism sees everything as separate and independent, while Advaita sees everything as interdependent. The psychological self forms around age two and shapes our perception of ourselves. Ramesh asked his guru about the benefits of enlightenment. A YouTube presenter seeks answers but finds none. The psychological self seeks happiness in external outcomes. Peace of mind comes from the absence of the self. Pride is a misguided self-love. Concepts help us uncover hidden aspects of ourselves. Thinking happens obsessively when the psychological self is present. The true self is aware of everything happening but is often forgotten. The intellect has subsets called the working mind and thinking mind. The body and mind interact automatically. After realization, consciousness is still identified with the body until physical death. We may feel formless awareness and then integrate back into being a human. Some thinking is fine, but attachment to outcomes creates discomfort. In Advaita, the cessation of Samskaras stops certain thought patterns. Sages understand without feeling guilt. Psychological tension can lead to physical ailments. Consciousness happens through the body-mind organism.”


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