Satsang – Roger Castillo 11-20 –

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Satsang – Roger Castillo 11-20

Posted by Holger:

Saturday, November 19, 2022 5:00 am (California Time)  


Each Saturday
9pm Western Australia time
(convert to your time)

To ask questions please join the Zoom meeting at

“The focus of the talks is happiness for the human being in this life in daily living.”

“Happiness is available in the form of peace of mind.
Peace of mind isn’t the addition of something,
it is the absence of the falling away of suffering.”

“It is not sufficient for us to hear the description and just believe it.
That is how the human mind tends to work;
it takes a lot of things for granted.”

“A deeply ingrained belief of doership is ingrained in us
when we have a description given to us
we often hear it as a prescription.”



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Created: November 18, 2022 
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