Roger Fans’ meeting: 07/16/2023 –

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Roger Fans’ meeting: 07/16/2023

Sunday, July 16, 2023 6:00 am (California Time)

We are a small group of friends, interested in nonduality.

Join us this Sunday, 9AM (EST, New York Time).
We will be basing the discussion
around one of Roger’s Satsangs (see YouTube link below.)

Feel free to share this link and invite others that are
interested in Roger’s teaching framework.
Hope to see you there.

Why so much talking?
Live Satsang with Roger Jan 21, 2020



The purpose of the framework and descriptions provided in the teaching is to counteract the strong belief in personal doership and attachment. Simply suggesting to stop and abide in quietness may not have the desired effect due to this ingrained belief. The belief in being a separate, independent entity in control of everything adds to one’s sense of self. The descriptions and discussions aim to help individuals drop into beingness and silence the thinking mind that disturbs peace of mind. Ultimately, the goal is to overcome suffering and find unbroken happiness through continuous peace of mind.


Check out the summary of the two hour Satsang.


(Suggestion: if a specific insight comes
while listening to the Satsang, write it down
so you can have it available for sharing with the group.)

Click here to join our Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 717 7970 7097
Passcode: Y7AzMn

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