Roger Fans’ meeting: 07/09/2023 –

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Roger Fans’ meeting: 07/09/2023

Sunday, July 9, 2023 6:00 am (California Time)

We are a small group of friends, interested in nonduality.

Join us this Sunday, 9AM (EST, New York Time).
We will be basing the discussion
around one of Roger’s Satsangs (see YouTube link below.)

Feel free to share this link and invite others that are
interested in Roger’s teaching framework.
Hope to see you there.

Roger Castillo – Satsang Title TBA
Live Satsang with Roger July 1, 2023


The speaker, Roger Castillo, begins by expressing his excitement about discovering the work of philosopher Baruch Spinoza, whose philosophy aligns with the teachings he shares. He explains that he prefers concepts that are based on a rational approach to life and dislikes esoteric concepts that are disconnected from daily life.

However, he acknowledges the power of concepts like God in spiritual teachings, as they can help break through belief systems and uncover aspects of ourselves that are often overlooked. He believes that these concepts can create a distance between our awareness and the consciousness of God or our own human consciousness. Regardless of whether it is God’s consciousness or our own that we awaken to, he emphasizes the importance of recognizing and understanding this aspect of ourselves.

He also mentions that Spinoza’s rationalist approach aligns with his desire to share explainable concepts. He believes that concepts should be verifiable and testable in daily life, even if there may be deeper levels or ultimate truths beyond our current understanding.

He concludes by questioning why some teachings rely on notions that cannot be observed in daily life and attribute everything to a trick of consciousness.


(Suggestion: if a specific insight comes
while listening to the Satsang, write it down
so you can have it available for sharing with the group.)

Click here to join our Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 717 7970 7097
Passcode: Y7AzMn

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