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Ranko on TV… ❤️

Posted by Holger:

Hello friends, I saw Ranko on TV (-;
and felt gratitude being connected with all of you.

Currently I love this pointer:
The sense of separation is
10% misguided thinking,
90% muscle-memory.

– I feel to go deeper with the current Satsang(s),
instead to spread out thin on the surface;
to rather re-listen for right now,
to dis-cover nuances.

– I don’t need to know anymore all concepts,
all scriptures… uff, what a relief.

– Resting as Being is more important,
fun, fulfilling, practical.


I, “personally” would like to be more clear
about the resistance, the struggle inside of “me”.

To learn how to use simple fun-da-mental words
(for daughter, wife, neighbors);
not to play guru,
but to just allow this clarity
to wash away the dullness of “me”.

Is it an acquired taste
to appreciate “Being” over “doing”?
And then the oneder and delight in the
increased efficiency and quality
of daily living by simply
witnessing that Life is living me,
the integration of being and doing.

Fancy words? …
for the most simple: being lived.

Whatever you decide.
My words just as a snapshot,
witnessing the stream of pleasure and pain,
without getting lost.

Nonduality as a language class:
Learning how to think and how to
use simple words without sinking?

I look forward seeing you tomorrow.



PS: Any input for BasicWisdoms.com?
If Elon can fly to Mars,
then we can surely debunk suffering
with some simple words and mental pictures!
The “trick” for me is collaboration, sharing,
thinking together, hearing/feeling myself…

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Created: July 23, 2023 
Last modified: July 23, 2023

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One response to “Ranko on TV… ❤️”

  1. Ranko Avatar

    It seemed appropriate to share original question and a brief version of Roger’s answer:

    “There is a concept in top down teachings that we have to break down our identification with the body, and with the mind, and all the rest of external things in order to be able to see one aspect of ourselves that we tend do forgot and overlook – and that is consciousnes/source/god aspect.

    I heard that Ramesh was talking about an ego, and describing it as consciousness identified with three dimensional entity which we call a body. It is identification with name and form basically.

    And there is a two types of an ego:
    – one type is ego with sense of doership and attachment to outcome
    – other type of ego is without sense of doership and attachment to outcome

    But from Ramesh’s description of the ego it seem that acctually identification with the body and the mind reimerge again in bottom up approach, and my question is – how this sense of separation really dissolve, because ego even without sense of doership still looks to me as a some sort of separate entity.

    Maybe I am mixing between identification and attachment ?”


    Term identification has different meaning in different contexts.

    In top-down teaching context is that identification means misunderstanding of our true nature – consciousness identified with something which is not. In that case we are lost in that identification.

    In the context of integrated perspective and bottom up approach of the ego it means consciousnes linked to a body mind organism.

    Roger uses the word “link” instead the word “identification” to prevent this misunderstanding (of course with respect to Ramesh’s version), and it is also different from attachment.

    So conclusion is that in experiential level we will always feel separation, but on attitudional level that will not be the case. This levels are different but they both create integrated perspective, which is the bigger picture of understanding.

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