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…prevent you from enjoying

Posted by Holger:

“What the thinking mind does in daily living
is to deprive you of the very essence of life
in the present moment, to prevent you
from enjoying the magnificence and variety of life
in the present moment.

The next time you see a flower or an insect,
give it your full attention and you will be astonished
to realize that the difference between the two
is purely a conditioned reaction, and not real at all.

Being anchored in peace and harmony means
remaining relaxed and immersed in the cool light
of Reality and, at the same time, enjoying the cool
breezes of phenomenality, merely witnessing the arising
and subsiding of thoughts and events in daily life.
This is interpreted by others as never being uncomfortable
– with one’s self or with others.”

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Ramesh S. Balsekar,
Peace and Harmony in Daily Living.

Created: September 28, 2023 
Last modified: September 28, 2023

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One response to “…prevent you from enjoying”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar

    Lovely and true. Thank you for sharing this invitation to be in wonder.
    As consciousness plays the game of identification, it uses the body mind to demonstrate its ingenuity, its art.
    Consciousness attaches the innocent thinking mind to the pole of identification like an elephant 🐘 is attached to the pole of the circus 🎪 tent and in doing so, the innocent mind becomes a hypnotic source of the me-thought.
    Consciousness is develishly playful.

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