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Papa, Charlie said…

Posted by Holger:

In my early years I listened to radio.

I remember one show where a boy had a dialogue with his father. It always started with something like this:

“Papa, Charlie said, his father said, that…” (for example, I just make this up) his brother said, that people are lost in their thinking mind and they don’t know where to find themselves.

It was entertaining, fun, educational; 45+ years ago.

I have a friend, intelligent, earnest, dedicated to something that’s probably called spirituality.

When I try to share something he loves to habitually answer “ya but” and comes up with some very deep “making sense” to ward off probably some uncomfortableness?

Another friend comes to mind, who maybe would call this “spiritual bypassing”; avoiding to feel what is here right now. Isn’t this how we often use our precious gift of thinking to entertain and defend an assumed “me” that is nowhere to be found but in our imagination (thinking and muscle-memory).

It’s too easy to take things personally, it’s too easy to be busy with the content of experience, thinking, feeling, remembering, perceiving, interacting… and overlooking the elephant in the room, the Peace that is beyond making-sense.

What do I really want, where can I find rest, where can I simply be?

(And all words as concessions, to just playfully play ping-pong; not to win a match, nothing to gain or lose, just one-dering, pretending some openness; inviting the relaxation of some deep and forgotten childhood beliefs that somehow create a subtle unhappiness/resistance.)

In my personhood I identify as someone/something that has a past, is now, and moves to a (hopefully good) future.

Isn’t it amazing “at the root of every feeling is a belief”.
What does it take to discover the beliefs I habitually and unawarely entertain?
Beliefs that make me think I know or don’t know life and how things work.

(Sorry for this mental confetti here, my English teacher would not be happy to read this unstructured hodgepodge.)

“Truth is simple, the seeker is complex.”

We heard the words a million times: you are not what you think you are, life is a beautiful gift, nothing is ever missing for you to be happy…

Yada yada… “but I feel separate” said my friend who spends decades seeking and searching (me too), and he he said that he is even willing to spend more lifetimes in dedication to his spiritual beliefs.

What makes it that sometimes words click and deeply resonate, as a big happy yes?

Besides making-sense there is something that cannot be explained, but it feels quite risky.

Trusting someone, and instead of making it another belief, it turns out to be our own experience/discovery.

“I feel separate”, “it feels risky”, “something is missing”…

Amazing: at the root of every feeling is a belief.

To examine, explore, investigate…

In the company of friends it’s so much easier.

Thank you 🍪

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Created: April 18, 2023 
Last modified: May 18, 2023

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