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Pain, fear, suffering ❤️

Posted by Holger:

“The very words ‘pain’ and ‘fear’
cause powerful responses
in the body-mind organism
because of the strong conditioning
attached to these words.

The same applies to the word ‘suffering’.

The fact of the matter is that
pain or suffering or fear arises
in the body-mind organism.

If one were able to look totally
at what arises, silently and objectively
– as if it were happening in some other
body-mind organism – the result would be
startlingly different.

In other words, what prevents one
from doing this is thought or, more
accurately, thinking in horizontal time
about something that is in the present moment.

It is this thinking that brings about
an identification with the pain
or fear or suffering.

The suffering, as such, turns into self-pity:
I am suffering and I do not want to suffer.

If one is able to avoid this identification
and look at What-Is in the moment absolutely
silently and objectively, then the picture
becomes totally different.

This does not really refer to physical pain
in its intensity except to the extent
that the pain and even the crying out in pain
will be both witnessed as if the crying out
were happening through any other body-mind organism.

In other words, the lack of personal involvement
is the big difference. And this has actually been
proved by personal experience,
and is not just a theory.”

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Ramesh S Balsekar

Created: October 7, 2023 
Last modified: October 7, 2023

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