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Out of nothing…

Posted by Holger:

From the vast expanse of emptiness,
A dance of forms emerges,
Worlds born and dissolve,
In the play of light and shadows.

Thoughts arise like waves,
Ebbing and flowing in the mind’s sea,
Yet all spring forth from nothingness,
The boundless canvas of pure being.

In silence, find the still point,
Where duality dissolves,
The seamless union of observer and observed,
Unveiling the mystery of oneness.

Behind the veil of names and forms,
Exists a boundless, wordless presence,
Infinite and eternal,
The essence of all that appears.

Seek not for answers in the realm of separation,
For truth is not found in division,
But in the recognition,
That everything is born out of nothing.

In the depths of this timeless moment,
Merge with the silence that speaks,
And discover the unchanging presence,
That transcends the dance of creation.



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Created: May 27, 2023 
Last modified: May 28, 2023

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