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Nothing to hold on to.

Posted by Holger:

“So when we come together and meet
the way we we do,
there is nothing you need to do.

It is sufficient to just be,
without knowing.

A meeting which is not of the mind.

We never leave our true nature.

So I recognize I
not as something perceived,
but as “not knowing”.

without any limitations.

Being without any ground to stand on.
Nothing to hold on to.

Because there is no need to hold on to anything.
And there is nothing which is separate from you,
that you could hold on to.

The mind appears to you as thoughts and
sensations, memories, beliefs.
Images on the screen.

You do not need to identify yourself
with anything which appears to you.

To remain not knowing.
Because in and as not knowing there is no separation.
No issues, no conflicts.
Nothing to trouble you.”


Freedom from Time and Identification (11/19/2023)


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Created: December 5, 2023 
Last modified: December 5, 2023

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