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Not selfishly, but shamelessly?

Posted by Holger:

From an email:


Dear [Friend],
I don’t want to sound preachy.

Isn’t there a saying:
friends don’t let friends drive drunk?

I am not claiming to be the sober one.


We conclude/render
based on thoughts,
feelings, perceptions.

What are you really certain about,
right now?


It Is hope-less.


I am always whole and complete.


Hoping is narrative, is mind-stuff.

Not a problem!

Simply a narrative.


Relaxing again.

What is not a narrative, right now?


“The only truth in the manifestation
is the impersonal sense I am;
the rest are concepts.”

Supposedly Buddha’s words.


Magdi (paraphrased):
There is something rather than nothing (experientially).
But I cannot say what I am
[because time, space, objects, experiences
are mind constructs; and I am prior to mind,
aware of mind and attention].


I am the space (words as concessions)
in which every-thing appears and disappears.

The sky, unburdened whether or not the weather is good or bad.
The ocean, undisturbed by waves.

Only one source of Light, one power.


To simply trust and rest
in and as being (empty open no-thing).

No need to change anything.

No need to improve the person,
but improvement happens naturally,
as a by-product.

No future happiness to wait for.

No-thing (God) is never missing.


How you feel and what you think is on one level irrelevant.

Thoughts and feelings are not you as I am.

But we are loving with body-mind-world,
We don’t eagerly throw out the baby with the bathwater.
We don’t use nondual-concepts selfishly, but shamelessly.


Just this ordinary awareness
right now is more than enough.

But you cannot discuss this with Mr. Mind (-;

“Ya but…”

“The belly of the mind is always hungry.”


Presence – wholeness – is always available.

It cannot be reached.

Only the veil of personhood dissolves.


Knowing this is good enough for right now;
nothing “me” can do,
besides being sincere in understanding and giving UP.

Applying the concepts in daily living.

Allowing feelings/thoughts/perceptions
to arise and be seen for what IS,
prior to and higher than making-sense.


To savor presence.

To enjoy spending time with the timeless.

To practically and fun-da-mentally
discern “me” (conceptual)
from “I am” (experiential).

And lovingly forgive yourself,
for what was never you nor fault.


Sorry, I just spoke to myself.

The above diagram (inspired by Roger Castillo)
is really cool; maybe to memorize it
and to fall in love with it?
It is very deep and exposes
the whole kindergarten of suffering/unhappiness.


Words from a friend,
who is not claiming to be right;
available to meet on Zoom.


All unhappiness is the “me”.

Not as a problem to solve,
but a mystery to live 😇



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