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Nisargdatta: Summary for 05-21-2023

Posted by Holger:

Chapter 32: Life is the Supreme Guru

The following is a rough summary of next Sunday’s material:


To go beyond the mind,
one must have their mind in perfect order
and not leave any mess behind.

The advice given is to remember oneself
by continuously being aware of the phrase “I am,”
which can heal the mind and take one beyond.

Self-remembrance and self-realization
are two aspects of the same state.

Happiness is shareable,
and only the shareable is truly desirable.

The worship of a person is not crucial,
but rather the depth of devotion and attentiveness
to life’s lessons and commands.


Chapter 33: Everything Happens by Itself

Beyond knowledge,
and wisdom
lies the inexpressible.

Consciousness does not have a beginning,
as the idea of a beginning and time
exists within consciousness itself.

In reality,
there is no independent existence
of individual things;
all existence is rooted in being.

The mind is a collection
of transitory states
and cannot be considered real.

The illusion of existence
is created by the non-investigation
of the mind and body,
and the belief in names and forms
without examination.

Wisdom lies
in never forgetting
the Self as the source
of both
the experiencer
and the experience.


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Created: May 16, 2023 
Last modified: May 16, 2023

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