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Memory Refresh?

Posted by Holger:

Just a reminder for today, Thursday, January 12th 2023…

7:00 AM PT – Bill Smith
11 Minutes of Poetry

2:00 PM PT – Magdi Satsang
Love and Happiness are God’s Silence

4:00 PM – Walter & Brian in NY
Friends of Rupert NY 01/12/2023


Calendar Shortcut:

These meetings are not about entertainment,
not about the content, per se.


From the web:
Is per se grammatically correct?
The correct spelling of the term is per se.
Per say is a common misspelling that’s influenced by the fact
that the se in per se is pronounced the same as say.
Per se means “intrinsically,” “in essence,”
or “by its very nature.”
It comes from Latin,
in which it literally means “by itself.”

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Created: January 11, 2023 
Last modified: January 11, 2023

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