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Posted by Holger:

Not as an endorsement, just for reflection:

Melancholy is a complex emotional state characterized by a profound feeling of sadness, gloominess, or sorrow. It is often accompanied by a sense of pensive thoughtfulness and introspection. People experiencing melancholy may feel a deep longing, nostalgia, or a sense of emptiness.

Melancholy is different from normal sadness or temporary low moods. It tends to be more long-lasting and pervasive, affecting one’s overall outlook on life. It is often associated with certain triggers such as loss, disappointment, or a sense of unfulfilled desires. Melancholic feelings can also arise from a contemplation of life’s impermanence and the complexities of human existence.

Throughout history, melancholy has been a prominent theme in literature, art, and music, inspiring various creative works that explore the depth of human emotions. It is important to note that while melancholy can be a natural and human response to certain situations, it can also become a symptom of underlying mental health issues like depression. If someone’s melancholic feelings are persistent and significantly impair their daily functioning, seeking professional help from a mental health specialist is advisable. They can offer support, guidance, and potential treatment options to address these emotions effectively.


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Tony Bennett, Amy Winehouse – Body and Soul
(from Duets II: The Great Performances)


Deep gratitude for not being stuck there anymore ❤️

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Created: July 23, 2023 
Last modified: July 23, 2023

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