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Mauro: The Self is Unknowing

Posted by Holger:

Q.: How to know the Self unmistakenly?

Mauro: The Self (paramatman) is the Absolute (parabrahman)
and as such it cannot be known,
since it is the very Source of knowing.

Just like an eye, the Self can see everything but itself,
since it is not an object, but rather
the very Source of both subject and object.

However, on the other hand, all that is perceived
is nothing but an apparently limited form of the Self.
The daylight is invisible as such,
but you can see its reflection in
the variety of shapes and colors of every flower.

As Shankara said, we never fail to see the brahman,
because everything we perceive
is nothing but an expression of brahman.

You cannot look at the waves without seeing the ocean too.


Q.: How to abide always in the Self?

Mauro: We already abide relentlessly in the Self,
since it is the only reality.

If you are here now,
where else should your Self be but here and now?

How many steps are needed to come here?

How long does it take to reach the ‘now’?

Therefore, any instruction about a progressive path
that in time should supposedly lead you to your true Self
is like teaching a wave how to become water,
and whoever claims to be an ‘awakened’ person
(in contrast to other people) is like a wave saying:
“I am wetter than other waves!”.

When any concept whatsoever about yourself
and the world collapses into ‘nothing’,
the pure fact that you are becomes self-evident.

This pure sense of being-awareness
(that the mind translates into the sentence “I am”)
is prior to and the precondition
for any experience to appear.

In due course, even that sense of being
will in turn spontaneously collapse into the inconceivable,
free aliveness of the Absolute.


Q.: How to integrate the Absolute into everyday life?

Mauro: Actually there is no way and no need
to integrate the Absolute into ordinary life,
since the Absolute is the ordinary life,
just like the ocean is every single wave.

My words here are only pointers to
the unspeakable reality of what we truly are.
I wish you to forget all of them
and fall into the Unknowable Source of everything.


Mauro @


Holger: I hear an old echo, the “ya but”
of some friends, in regard to the direct path.

Suffering is resisting the resistance;
the subtle/natural “get me out of here” response
to “I don’t like this” (psychologically).

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Created: July 29, 2023 
Last modified: July 29, 2023

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One response to “Mauro: The Self is Unknowing”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    This wave feels delightfully “drenched” in reading Mauro. Would welcome more of his metaphoric pointing — gentle and playful.

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