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Ma dernière composition…

Posted by Holger:

Two in one, here and now:

Igor’s latest composition ❤️


And Holger’s reply to Stella’s
“C’mon Holger say something simple from your own understanding,
Your own experience, since no one else is joining in…”


Stella, don’t be lazy,
debunk the human dream!

A little thinking is powerful,
to embrace the peace that mind is afraid of.

No personal Holger star, sorry.

What am I?

Individualized Consciousness,
localized as this body-mind.

My story or

Right here and now.

You have the most sophisticated tool available:
mind and speech!
learn to use it in service of love, intelligence, beauty;
don’t play mental trash can.


Boy with truck: Holger at age 3.

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Created: July 27, 2023 
Last modified: July 27, 2023

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One response to “Ma dernière composition…”

  1. Noone Avatar

    Lovely 🥰
    The boy, the truck, the music, the voice, the video, the tempo, the sounds.
    The eternal sunshine of a spotless mind 🪷

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