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Love, Beauty, Understanding

“Love is
The Shining of Consciousness
in relation to our feelings.

Beauty is
The Shining of Consciousness
in relationship to perceptions.

Understanding is
The Shining of Consciousness
in relation to thought.

Three names
for the same
Shining of Reality.”


Words only as pointers;
not to get more for “me”,
but to relax attention into its Source.

To simply be, free of lack.

“In the world”, while resting in being.

Life as Art.


Nothing to “get”,
risking to let “me” dissolve.

The paradox of fulfillment?

To experience how the mechanical world
reflects this inner peace and harmony.

“The whole world is yourself pushed out.”

Not afraid of mess, no need to suppress.

Always ready to forgive,
to feel the unreality of “me”
as the nothingness it is.


All words as concessions.

I am just talking to myself.

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Posted by: Holger
Created: September 3, 2023
Last modified: September 3, 2023
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