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Look again with fresh new eyes

Posted by Holger:

Dear friend,
Dear “another version of myself” (-;

The imagined “me”, the assumed “separate-self” loves problems.
Psychological problems and struggle are its food.

Explore/confirm this:
You can think only one thought at a time,
you can feel only one feeling at a time.
But since mind is so fast it can appear
as if many things exist and happen at once.

There is no multi-tasking, only rapid focus-switch…

What is the struggle, where is the problem?

The person is programmed for survival
– psychological survival;
like a slippery wiggly fish
is almost impossible to catch
with your hands.

Don’t believe me when I say
that what you really are/want
is here right now.

Don’t believe, don’t hope, don’t wait,
but be encouraged to look again
with fresh new eyes at what you call “I”.

Be friendly, gentle;
mind loves to make it into a struggle,
a problem.

You don’t need to fix your person,
your real “problem” is not out there,
nor in here.

See how you create your own suffering,
by stretching your attention towards
an assumed past or future, me and you,
from the imagined “me” viewpoint.

The “me” you identify with might feel solid and real…
but is it true? Take an experiential look
(not in your thinking, but with feeling-knowing).

Find this “me” that suffers,
that I that is aware of suffering.

It’s more like an art…
the cleverness of thinking cannot help you here.

It is effortless, but the “me” fears for its life.

Go back to ‘I am’, experientially,
not with your thinking (thinking is not a problem).
Allow yourself to relax without being lazy.

This is the most important discovery in your life;
but “me” is afraid to disappear and comes up
with uncounted distractions.


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Created: April 20, 2023 
Last modified: May 18, 2023

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