Living is Life’s Only Purpose. 03/26/2023 –

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Living is Life’s Only Purpose. 03/26/2023

Posted by Holger:

Sunday, March 26, 2023 3:45 pm (California Time)  

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Namaste to One and All!
Is life a dream?
Are you living in a dream?
Is the dream real to you?
Does ‘waking up from the dream’ make sense to you?
Or is ‘waking up from the dream’ just part of the dream?
How clear are you about your beliefs?
Are your beliefs true?
What does ‘true’ mean to you?
Till Sunday evening…
Shanti     Shanti     Shanti



Chapter 29 – Living is Life’s Only Purpose

Q: What is life’s purpose?
NM: It is like traveling a long and arduous road
in an unknown country.
Of all the innumerable steps there is only the last
which brings you to your destination.
Yet you will not consider all previous steps as failures…
In reality each step brings you to your goal,
because to be always on the move, learning,
discovering, unfolding, is your eternal destiny.
Living is life’s only purpose.   112


Q:What am I to learn?

NM: To live without self-concern.
For this you must know your own true being (swarupa)
as indomitable, fearless, ever victorious.
Once you know with absolute certainty that
nothing can trouble you but your own imagination,
you come to disregard your desires and fears,
concepts and ideas and live by truth alone.   113


Q: Will a realized man always behave in an exemplary way?

NM: Who sets the example?
Why should a liberated man necessarily follow conventions?
The moment he becomes predictable, he cannot be free.
His freedom lies in his being free
to fulfill the need of the moment,
to obey the necessity of the situation.
Freedom to do what one likes is really bondage,
while being free to do what one must,
what is right, is real freedom…

I follow no rules nor lay down rules.
I flow with life – faithfully and irresistibly. 114, 115


Q: Is there some way of making out
who has realized and who has not?

NM: He who knows himself has no doubts about it.
Nor does he care whether others recognize his state or not.
Rare is the realized man who discloses his realization
and fortunate are those who have met him,
for he does it for their abiding welfare.   114-115


Q: Do past and future exist?

NM: In the mind only.
Time is in the mind,
space is in the mind.
The law of cause and effect
is also a way of thinking.
In reality all is here and now and all is one.
Multiplicity and diversity are in the mind only.   115


Q: Can we help another much?

NM: Surely I can help.
You too can help.
Everybody can help.
But the suffering is all the time recreated.
Man alone can destroy in himself the roots of pain.
Others can only help with the pain,
but not with its cause,
which is the abysmal stupidity of mankind.   115


Q: Will this stupidity ever come to an end?

NM: In man – of course. Any moment.
In humanity – as we know it – after very many years.
In creation – never, for creation itself is rooted in ignorance;
matter itself is ignorance.
Not to know, and not to know that one does not know,
is the cause of endless suffering.   116


Q: Is there no salvation for the world?

NM: What world do you want to save?
The world of your own projection?
…What business have you with saving the world,
when all the world needs is to be saved from you?
Get out of the picture and
see whether there is anything left to save.   116


Q: What is the remedy for this disease?

NM: The description and causation are the remedy
for a disease caused by obtuseness and stupidity.
Just like a deficiency disease is cured
through the supply of the missing factor,
so are the diseases of living cured
by a good dose of intelligent detachment
(viveka-vairagya).    116


Q: People are as they are.
Must they suffer?

NM: As long as they are as they are,
there is no escape from suffering.
Remove the sense of separateness
and there will be no conflict.   116


Q: If both dream and escape from dream are imaginings,
what is the way out?

NM: There is no need of a way out!
Don’t you see that a way out is also part of the dream?
All you have to do is see the dream as dream.   117


Q: If I start the practice of dismissing
everything as a dream, where will it lead me?

NM: Wherever it leads you, it will be a dream.
The very idea of going beyond the dream is illusory…
The dream is not your problem.
Your problem is that you like
one part of your dream and not another.
Love all, or none of it, and stop complaining.
When you have seen the dream as dream,
you have done all that needs be done.   117


Chapter 30   You are Free NOW

Q: You seem to favor the dream theory?

NM: Theories are neither right nor wrong.
They are attempts at explaining the inexplicable.
It is not the theory that matters,
but the way it is being tested.
It is the testing of the theory that makes it fruitful…
You are being offered several plans of your prison,
none quite true.
But they are all of some value only if you are in dead earnest.
It is the earnestness that liberates and not the theory.
Theories may be good as starting points,
but must be abandoned,
the sooner – the better.  118-119


Q: What is more powerful, desire or destiny?

NM: Desire shapes destiny…
and destiny shapes desire…
desires are conditioned by heredity and circumstances,
by opportunities and accident,
by what we call destiny.     119-120


Q: At what point am I free to
desire what I want to desire?

NM: You are free now.
What is it that you want to desire?
Desire it.    120


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