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Let Love Alone Speak…

Posted by Holger:

“If you want to be free,
if you want to heal your relationship with God,
with others and yourself, enter your inner room,
the office, where the divine therapy takes place.

Close the door so you don’t run away.
Quiet your interior dialogue,
so that you can listen to what the spirit is saying to you.

An enormous intelligence is guiding us through this process,
with a love that is unconditional and determined
to bring about this healing,
whatever the cost to itself.

Gregory the great expressed it as
resting in God.

Don’t judge centering prayer
on the basis of how many thoughts come,
or how much peace you enjoy.

The deeper one’s awareness of one’s powerlessness
and the more desperate, the more willing
one is to reach out for help.
This help is offered in the next two steps.

You turn yourself over to a higher power,
who you believe can heal you and work with you
in the long journey of dismantling
the emotional programs for happiness.
They are the root causes of all our problems.

How should we handle these afflicted emotions?
By facing them, by feeling them.

Feelings that have been repressed have to be allowed
to pass through our awareness once again,
in order to be left behind for good.

The radical healing is the acceptance of the situation,
because in some way God is present there.


Father Thomas Keating ~ Centering Prayer ~ Christian Mystics


The real work of prayer is just to get rid of
the very assumption that was the foundation
of all these other modes of prayer.

It is a matter of shift;
shifting the location of the sense of identity.

The false self is deeply entrenched.
We have to accept that the word I
does not have a fixed and clear and obvious referent.

This is where the transformation
that we undergo becomes more and more radical,
with each breakthrough or illumination.

The contemplative journey,
because it involves the purification of the unconscious,
is not a magic carpet to bliss.
It is an exercise of letting go of the false self,
a humbling process.

Because it is the only self we know,
nothing is more helpful to reduce pride
than the actual experience of self knowledge.
If we are discouraged by it,
we have misunderstood its meaning.

God has not promised to take away our trials,
but to help us change our attitudes towards them.
That is what holiness really is.
In this life happiness is rooted in our basic attitude toward reality.

For human beings the most daunting challenge
is to become fully human.
For to become fully human is to become fully divine.

The spirit calls us to transformation
of our in innermost being,
and indeed of all of our faculties,
into the divine way of being and acting.

Divine love picks us up,
when we sincerely believe nobody else will.
We then begin to experience freedom,
Peace, Calm, equanimity and liberation from cravings.

A total surrender of ourselves
to the spiritual journey is required.

When the presence of God emerges from our inmost being
into our faculties, whether we walk down the street,
or drink a cup of soup, Divine Life is pouring into the world.

God will bring people and events into our lives.
And whatever we may think about them,
they are designed for the evolution of this divine life in us.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit grow in direct proportion
to the depth and sincerity of our love.

To live in the presence of God,
on a continuous basis can become a kind of fourth dimension
to our three dimensional world,
forming an invisible but real background
to everything that we do,
or that happens in our lives.

Silence is God’s first language,
everything else is a poor translation.
Whatever we say about God
is more unlike God than saying nothing.

If we do say something,
it can only be a pointer toward the mystery
that can never be articulated in words.
All that words can do is point in the direction of the mystery.

Let Love alone speak.


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Created: March 18, 2023 
Last modified: March 18, 2023

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