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Just Be

Posted by Holger:

“4. Who is told to ‘Be yourself?’
Since ‘you’ are just a concept,
you cannot be told to do anything!

5. Often Maharaj used to say: ‘Just be!’
‘Just be!’ means let the body-mind organism
not keep thinking about itself.
‘Just be!’ means let the body-mind organism
not keep asking questions.
‘Just be!’ means let the body-mind organism
merely accept that whatever happens
is the Will of God,
functioning through the body-mind organism.

‘Just be!’ means acceptance, surrender,
and understanding that all there is,
is Consciousness or God.

‘Just be!’ means there is no ‘one’ to be told to be.
The being happens.
The awareness of being, of existing, is Consciousness.
There is no one to be.

6. Maharaj says, ‘Be in the beingness!’ and you ask,
‘How can I be in the beingness when I am working?’
Answer: ‘You are in the beingness when you are
not horizontally involved in thinking.’

7. ‘Just being’ happens
when the thinking mind is not there.

8. There cannot be any dispute about the awareness
‘I am, I exist.’
If you did not exist,
you would not be able to debate
whether or not you actually exist.

9. The sense ‘I am, I exist’
is not born out of the mind.

10. ‘Being’ is not in time and space.

11. To know God is to be God.
In being God, there is no subject/object relationship.
The God state thus…”

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Created: March 13, 2023 
Last modified: March 13, 2023

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