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Individualized Consciousness

Posted by Holger:

Ego, me, separate-self…

What do you mean?


“Individualized-consciousness” and
“localized finite mind” are also cool pointers!


Hello, my name is Holger,
I live in California and our daughter just turned 12.

Simple easy, practical, so that
mind has a little something to play with,
to do what it does:
weaving narratives,
drawing mental pictures.


There appear person, ego, in the world of ideas.

There appear thought, feeling, habit, preference;
who suffers experience?


Unhappiness is simply a misunderstanding.

Hey wait a moment…


The separate-self knows only thinking.
Thinking is not the problem.
Being is free of thought.


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Created: July 27, 2023 
Last modified: July 27, 2023

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