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Posted by Holger:

“Three legitimate uses of the mind:
celebrate, be practical, share.”


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– Happiness is our true nature 🙌
– natural: happiness through peace of mind
– misguided: happiness through pleasure/circumstances

– “me” is a mental construct:
– 10% faulty thinking
– 90% muscle-memory

– Being identified as a separate body-mind:
– Sense of personal-doership
– Belief: “I am an insulated entity”
– Hungry to be aggrandized
– Afraid to be diminished
– Misguided by thoughts, feelings, perceptions

– Living with/as a sense of lack:
– Seeking happiness where it cannot be found
– Attention cannot Rest in Being

– What is the benchmark for mind to stop:
– When is enough enough?
– What do I really want?
– “Happiness through practical peace of mind, in daily living,
independent of circumstances.”

– Related pointers:
– “The belly of the mind is always hungry.”
– “Excitement is a scam of the mind.”
– “Three legitimate uses of the mind: celebrate, be practical, share.”

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