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If Elon Musk can fly to Mars, we can debunk suffering…

Posted by Holger:

Dear Nathan,
could you envision a humble public benefit organization,
i.e. called “Center For Art And Education”…

With the mission, the vision, the goal to:

Maybe you can fill in some blanks.

To nurture and inspire the end of suffering.

To foster heartfelt human connection in service of inner space, love and practical living.

To share concepts, projects, people, perspectives pointing at a natural paradigm shift; one, by one.

This public benefit organization would not be another machine, another institution, but a protected space in which we can inquire, explore, grow, develop ways to communicate, share and experience our vision and insights, in service of our shared being. A laboratory for the highest human discovery.

Away from “penetrating markets” and “maximizing return on investments” towards the embracing of the gift of being alive, here and now, in a sustainable way.

Not to be stuck in mind-stuff, bartering with different interest groups, pushing policies… but the sincere and humble recognition:
we as humanity can do better!

Not pointing fingers, but to start to discern in myself:
What do I know beyond doubt?
What do I really want, once my misconceptions are cleared?

All in simple language, down to earth.

Considering that all words are concessions…

No pressure, but maybe you have some words.


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Created: July 2, 2023 
Last modified: July 2, 2023

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