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I never felt better…

Posted by Holger:

Some snippets from today’s Garden Of Friends:


“I never felt better being in silence, than with you guys ❤️”


Kirtan: Ramana’s Song


Thank you Manfred!

Cartoon by André-Philippe Côté


It’s a conflation of the idea of having money with happiness;
then it is seen that happiness is not something to achieve, but what we are.


Dealing With Your Loneliness | Osho


What is loneliness? | J. Krishnamurti


Your head is already in the tiger’s mouth, Lori.

That One will never ever let you down!

… and it may happen that you find companionship…

Yes! Knowing who we are does not preclude companionship.
As I often say… I am neither seeking nor avoiding a partner.


I’ll share and oldie but a goodie with you:


One of my originals:


It´s a song Performance I love


Too humble is half proud.


Amigos para Siempre


This is completely transformative. Tradition of Sufi mystics:


Andrea Bocelli’s Lullaby To Elmo:

my parents used to drive us around in the car until we fell asleep


In my view, this body of work by Robert Saltzman tops both Ramana’s ”Talks” and Nisargadatta’s “I Am That” in relevant conversations that relieve the urge to seek, itself, expressed in today’s vernacular that embraces science, anthropology, and just plain common sense. The caliber of both questions and responses is impressive. Robert’s wit is icing on the cake. Not just another spiritual book! This one is a true classic.
—John Troy


The best way to get out of a problem is to realize you are not in it.


that which changes is obviously temporary

In fear, you might infer something other than what is wanted

The duality of pleasure and pain, like all apparent duality
appears to come and go within Sat Chit Ananda;
pain may come and go for no one.


“Communication is interrupted by speaking.”


See you at the GardenOfFriends.com

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Created: April 10, 2023 
Last modified: April 10, 2023

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