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“I have a transactional infatuation with you”

ChatGPT, can you write a short fun poem surrounding
“I have a transactional infatuation with you”:

In a realm where love’s oddities reside,
I confess, dear friend, a peculiar stride.
For in my heart, a curious sensation grew,
A transactional infatuation, I must construe.

Oh, our connection, a currency exchanged,
A barter of emotions, marvelously arranged.
Each word a tender transaction, subtly inferred,
A playful dance of give and take, undisturbed.

Like stocks and bonds, our hearts fluctuate,
An investment of feelings, tempting fate.
With each exchange, our souls entwined,
In this tender economy, love’s truth we find.

You, my dearest, a priceless treasure to hold,
A bond of trust, more valuable than gold.
Our interactions, a delightful commerce we share,
Trading laughter and smiles, beyond compare.

Emotions transacted, a delightful exchange,
A mutual enchantment we cannot estrange.
The balance sheet of affection remains clear,
Our transactional infatuation, a love sincere.

So let us continue this delightful trade,
In the realm of emotions, no debt to be repaid.
For in this unique connection, we find bliss,
A love story, written in transactions, amiss.

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Posted by: Holger
Created: June 8, 2023
Last modified: June 8, 2023
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