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I AM THAT >>> Ron > 11/26/2023

Posted by Holger:

Sunday, November 26, 2023 3:45 pm (California Time)  

We are a small group of friends;
together we read some paragraphs in
Nisargadatta‘s I AM THAT
and then talk about it.

Feel warmly welcome,
we are meeting at Zoom.GardenOfFriends.com


Happy Thanksgiving to One and All!
Are we grateful for the Teaching having found us?
A great opportunity to put the Teaching into practice
as we share with family and friends.
Peace Peace Peace


Chapter 45
What Comes and Goes Has No Being

Q: How can I become universal?
M: But you are universal. You need not and you cannot become what you are already…What comes and goes has no being. It owes its very appearance to reality…All knowledge flows from you, as all being and all joy. Realize that you are the eternal source and accept all as your own. Such acceptance is true love.

Q: But how has one to make it a way of living?
M: Having never left the house you are asking for the way home. Get rid of wrong ideas, that is all. Collecting right ideas also will take you nowhere. Just cease imagining.

Q: It is not a matter of achievement, but of understanding.
M: Don’t try to understand! Enough if you do not misunderstand. Don’t rely on your mind for liberation. It is the mind that brought you into bondage. Go beyond it [mind] altogether.

Q: What about the world?
M: The world is full of contradictions, hence your search for harmony and peace. These you cannot find in the world, for the world is the child of chaos. To find order you must search within. The world comes into being only when you are born in a body. No body – no world. First inquire whether you are the body. The understanding of the world will come later.

Q: But can one step out of the world?
M: Who was born first, you or the world? As long as you give first place to the world, you are bound by it; once you realize, beyond all trace of doubt that the world is in you and not you in the world, you are out of it…Who knows the Creator? He alone who was before the Creator, your own real being, the source of all the worlds with their creators.

Q: Do you deny the existence of an objective world, common to all?
M: Reality is neither subjective nor objective, neither mind nor matter, neither time nor space. These divisions need somebody to whom it happens, a conscious separate center. But reality is all and nothing, the totality and the exclusion, the fullness and the emptiness, fully consistent, absolutely paradoxical. You cannot speak about it, you can only lose yourself in it.

Q: What about jnana [knowledge]?
M: All talk of jnana is ignorance. It is the mind that imagines that it does not know and then comes to know. Reality knows nothing of these contortions. Even the idea of God as the Creator is false. Do I owe my being to any other being? Because I am, all is.

Q: How can it be?… The world is old and the child is new?
M: Everyone creates a world for oneself and lives in it, imprisoned by one’s ignorance. All we have to do is to deny reality to our prison [person]…Don’t ask the mind to confirm what is beyond the mind. Direct experience is the only valid confirmation.


Feel warmly welcome,
we are meeting at Zoom.GardenOfFriends.com

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