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I AM THAT >>> Ron > 10/29/2023

Posted by Holger:

Sunday, October 29, 2023 3:45 pm (California Time)  

We are a small group of friends;
together we read some paragraphs in
Nisargadatta‘s I AM THAT
and then talk about it.

Feel warmly welcome

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Greetings to One and All!
Seek within…
To know is to love and to love is to know.
Peace Peace Peace


Chapter 44
‘I am’ is True, all else is Inference

Q: When I wake up in the morning, the world is already there, waiting for me. Surely the world comes into being first…The body mediates between me and the world. Without the body there would be neither me nor the world.

M: The body appears in your mind, your mind is the content of your consciousness; you are the motionless witness of the river of consciousness which changes eternally without changing you in any way…all the universe is in you and cannot be without you.


Q: Is the witness of ignorance separate from ignorance? Is not to say: “I am ignorant” a part of ignorance?

M: Of course. All I can say truly is: ‘I am’, all else is inference. But the inference has become a habit. Destroy all habits of thinking and seeing. The sense ‘I am’ is the manifestation of a deeper cause, which you may call Self, God, Reality or by any other name. The ‘I am’ is in the world; but it is the key which can open the door out of the world.


Q: Still the main point seems to escape me…The world of my own creation may be quite unlike the ultimate…Nevertheless, this absolute world exists, quite independent of myself?

M: Quite so, the world of Absolute Reality, onto which your mind has projected a world of relative unreality is independent of yourself, for the very reason that it is yourself…The main point to grasp is that you have projected onto yourself a world of your own imagination, based on memories, on desires and fears, and that you have imprisoned yourself in it. Break the spell and be free.


Q: How can I break the spell?

M: Why not question your faith?…Once you realize that the world is your own projection, you are free of it. You need not free yourself of a world that does not exist, except in your own imagination… Realize that there is nobody to force it on you, that it is due to the habit of taking the imaginary to be real. See the imaginary as imaginary and be free of fear.


Q: What about God?

M: That which creates and sustains the world, you may call it God or providence, but ultimately you are the proof that God exists, not the other way round. For, before any questions about God can be put, you must be there to put it.


Q: What about the sense of ‘I am’?

M: Even the sense of ‘I am’ is composed of the pure light and the sense of being. The ‘I’ is there even without the ‘am’. So is the pure light there whether you say ‘I’ or not. Become aware of that pure light and you will never lose it. The beingness in being, the awareness in consciousness, the interest in every experience – that is not describable, yet perfectly accessible, for there is nothing else.


Q: You talk of reality directly…There are other teachers, who refuse to discuss reality at all.

M: The difference lies in words only…As long as it leads to enlightenment, what does the wording matter. Does it matter whether you pull the cart or push it, as long as it is kept rolling?…You may go one way or another – but each time it will be the right way at the moment; just go whole-heartedly, don’t waste time on on doubting or hesitating…Theoretically – all approaches are good. In practice, and at a given moment, you proceed on one road only. Sooner or later you are bound to discover that if you really want to find, you must dig at one place only – within.


Q: Surely there is something valid and valuable in every approach?

M: In each case the value lies in bringing you to the need to seek within. Playing with various approaches may be due to resistance to going within, to the fear of having to abandon the illusion of being something or somebody in particular. To find water you do not dig small pits all over the place, but drill deeply in one place only. Similarly, to find your Self you have to explore yourself. When you realize that you are the light of the world, you will realize that you are the love of it; that to know is to love and to love is to know.


Please RSVP to Ron@Nondual.Community
and you will receive a free Zoom link ❤️


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