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I AM THAT >>> Ron > 10/08/2023

Posted by Holger:

Sunday, October 8, 2023 3:45 pm (California Time)  

We are a small group of friends;
together we read some paragraphs in
Nisargadatta‘s I AM THAT
and then talk about it.

Feel warmly welcome

Please RSVP to Ron@Nondual.Community
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Greetings to One and All!
How do I get to Carnegie Hall?
See you in Carnegie Hall Sunday Evening…
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Q: Can the jnani convey his experience to the ignorant?  
Can jnana be transmitted from one man to another?

NM: Yes it can.
The words of a jnani have the power of dispelling
ignorance and darkness in the mind. 
It is not the words that matter, but the power behind them.   


Q: What is that power?

NM: The power of conviction, based on personal realization,
on one’s own direct experience.    


Q: Many are practicing samadhis (states of rapturous absorption).
In samadhis consciousness is quite intense,
yet they do not result in anything?

NM: What results do you expect?
And why should jnana be the result of anything?
One thing leads to another, but jnana is not a thing
to be bound by causes and results.
It is beyond causality altogether.
It is abidance in the Self. 
The Yogi comes to know many wonders,
but of the Self he remains ignorant. 
The jnani may look and feel quite ordinary,
but the Self he knows well.   


Q: Ups and downs in sadhana are inevitable.
Yet the earnest seeker plods on in spite of all.
What can the jnani do for such a seeker?

NM: If the seeker is earnest, the light can be given. 
The light is for all and always there,
but the seekers are few, and among those few,
those who are ready are very rare. 
Ripeness of heart and mind is indispensable.   


Q: Can a Guru give realization without words,
without trust, just like this, without any preparation?

NM: Yes, one can, but where are the takers?
…Laziness and restlessness often stand in the way
and until they are seen and removed,
progress is slow…
The majority need some time for ripening. 
Sadhana is accelerated ripening.    


Q: What makes one ripe?
What is the ripening factor?

NM: Earnestness of course, one must be really anxious. 
After all, the realized man is the most earnest man.
Whatever he does, he does it completely,
without limitations and reservations. 
Integrity will take you to reality.  


Please RSVP to Ron@Nondual.Community
and you will receive a free Zoom link ‚̧ԳŹ

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Last modified: October 7, 2023

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