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Posted by Holger:

Public Benefit Cooperation (PBC)

a.k.a., as a PBC becomes more real.

To nurture and inspire heartfelt human interchange,
dedicated to practical peace of mind in daily living.

Some keywords:
– Gratitude,
– Agreeing to disagree,

– Debunking suffering and lack,
– Inquiry into the nature of reality,

– Embracing the gift of life,
– Non-dogmatic emotional bravery,

– Loving productivity,
– Happiness independent of circumstances

– Understanding our collective sickness
– Transitioning from person to Presence.

– Online Presence,
– Living together,

– Workshops,
– Satsangs,

– Sustainable out-go,
– Sharing insights online and in-person.

Playful in-team-a-see:
– Clarifying collective and personal narratives,
– Simplifying/deepening mind and speech,
– Creating fun and profound media to support waking up from the me-belief.

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Created: June 26, 2024 
Last modified: June 26, 2024

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